Eléonore Ferrier-Barbut

Eléonore Ferrier-Barbut

CSE Postdoctoral Fellow

Eléonore Ferrier-Barbut is a Postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, and the Design Lab at UC San Diego. She completed her PhD in 2022 at Sorbonne Université, Paris, France, on the application of human learning models and pedagogical theories to the creation of surgical trainings.

She currently works on the development of a didactic plan that aims at providing surgical trainers with pedagogical guidelines and specific technologies to capture surgeries in 3D, and surgical learners with a 3D interactive and immersive surgical experience to learn from past surgeries using Virtual Reality (VR).

With a background in human and social sciences, Eleonore’s objective in her work is to improve the quality of surgical education by contributing to identifying the structural elements of surgical teaching and the adequate technologies to expose them to learners.

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2022

    UC San Diego CSE Department

  • PhD, 2022

    ISIR Sorbonne University (France)

  • MS, 2018

    Grenoble university (France)