Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I join the HXI Lab?

You want to join us? Take a look at what are the steps to become part of our lab.

Are you currently looking for prospective PhD. students?

For 2022/2023 we are not looking for new Ph.D. students.

How can I contact Prof. Weibel or the members of the HXI Lab?

Not sure how to get a hold of us? Take a a look here.

Can we meet?

Learn what is the best way to meet Prof. Weibel or a member of the HXI Lab.

Can I take or TA one of your classes?

If you want to be engaged with one of our classes, please read here.

Can you join my Ph.D. or Master Committee?

Read here to understand how to engage Prof. Weibel as a member of your committe.

How do I get access to software, tools, or data from the HXI Lab?

There are many ways to get access to our software, tools, and data. Please read more.

I am an employer/industry and I would like to work with the HXI lab or hire your students.

Take a look here to know the best way to work with or hire the HXI Lab students.

I would like to do independent research or join a directed study group with the HXI Lab

There are many possibibilities for joining research efforts. Read further to better understand what would best fit your plans.

Letters of Recommendation

Follow these steps to request a letter of recommendation.