I am an employer/industry and I would like to work with the HXI lab or hire your students.

We welcome any collaboration with industry, both as a research collaboration, or through internships.

Research Collaborations

If you are interested in establishing a research collaboration, there are many ways that this can be accomplished.

You can work with our team on a specific reseach project that can be established through a contract or a gift to the HXI Lab. Typically an MOU (for a gift) or the details of the contract, along with any necessary NDAs and IP agreements, are discussed and defined before starting a collaboration and transfwring any funding.

You can also create a Ph.D. fellowship and engage a student over several years to engage with your company while they are working on their Ph.D. research in the HXI Lab.

Please reach out to Prof. Weibel to start a conversation on possible research collaborations.


Internships are a great way to expose students to real problems and learn how people really use interactive systems. Internships also provide students with valuable experience about what it’s like to work outside the university.

We encourage Ph.D. students to seek internships when it will likely contribute to the student’s dissertation research. Consequently, it’s tremendously import that students be able to publish their internship work and use the resulting data and insights to further their research.

When appropriate, code that interns write may be proprietary to the employer. However, employers should anticipate – indeed relish – the idea that students will continue working in the area of their research internship, and that after their internship students will continue to publish and produce code that is often open source.

Interns provide their employer the opportunity to closely collaborate with someone immersed in the culture, insights, and innovations of their university. These internships often result in long-term collaborations with the student and with faculty.

Please contact specific Students who you would like to engage, or reach out to Prof. Weibel to discuss fit with your company and project.