Can you join my Ph.D. or Master Committee?

It depends.

Prof. Weibel is in general happy to join M.S. Thesis committees and Ph.D. committees if the research fits with the HXI Lab research topics. However, joining a graduate committee is a demanding task, and being able to adequately advise students towards their thesis requires time and committment.

If you feel like your research topics fits with the general direction of the HXI lab:

  • Write a short 1/2 page summary of your planned research thesis
  • Add one paragraph about how the topic fits with the HXI research lab
  • Specificy why do you think Prof. Weibel would be the right person to sit on that committee.

Reach out to Prof. Weibel, share your plan, and then discuss your plan and idea.

While there is no guarantee that Prof. Weibel will be able to accept your invitation, the better your written argument is, the more chances you will have to convince him.