Letters of Recommendation

Step 1: Reach out to Prof. Weibel or one of his Ph.D. students or Postdocs

The first step to request for a letter of recommendation is to reach out to Prof. Weibel or one of his students.
  • You can try to email weibel@ucsd.edu, but email is often not an effective tool to get attention.
  • If you are in one of Prof. Weibel's classes, talk to him about it after class, and then follow up with an email.
  • If you are working with a Ph.D. Student or a Postdoc in the lab, talk to them about your request, and ask them to discuss it with Prof. Weibel.
  • Come by Prof. Weibel's office in CSE or DIB, or visit the graduate student offfice or project space in CSE or DIB.

Step 2: Gather Information

Please prepare a Notion Page/Google Docs link that contains the following information for the letters. We encourage you to duplicate this Notion template or this Google Doc template, by clicking on the top right corner.

Basic Information


Please attach a link to your most updated resume.


Please provide links to your Portfolio, Github Page, or any related websites that showcase your work.


Please attach your Unofficial Transcript, which can be downloaded from Academic History on Triton Link.

Programs that you need letters for

Please organize a table with all schools and programs in the order of deadline with information below. It can help keep track of it better.
Ex. University of California, San DiegoEx. Master of Science Program in Computer Science and EngineeringEx. December 15, 2021 (11:59 PM PST)

More Information

Please also provide the following information to help understand you and your work better.
  • When did you first engaged with the HXI Lab / Prof. Weibel
  • Grades you received in any of our class(es)
  • Summary of your work in any of our class(es)
  • GPA in general and in your major
  • Roles you served as research assistant/TA/IA (if applicable)
  • Other proof of your passion, skills, and experience in the area of your intended study
  • Other proof that demonstrates your creativity, performance, and any other skills that you found relevant

Step 3: Submit your information on our Recommendation Google Form

Please submit your information, and a link to your Notion/Google Doc page on our Google Form. This will allow for easier way to track all students currently requesting a recommendation.

Step 4: Reminder

Send me a reminder a week before, and the day before any of your deadlines, unless the letter for the specific program has already been submitted.