Can I take or TA one of your classes?

Yes, of course you can!

Courses and Programs

Please take a look at our current teaching engagements, but also consider other classes in the context of HCI, Human-Centered Design, Ubiquitous Computing, etc. You can find more information on these offerings here:

Human-Centered Design Graduate Specialization

If you are a graduate student, please consider the Graduate Students Specialization in Human-Centered Design

The graduate specialization is a set of courses students can choose to take that fits into their home degree program requirements. It is analogous to receiving a minor, but at the graduate level. As such, the specialization does not alter home program requirements. Instead, the courses fit into their home program as either electives or as courses that were already part of their core requirements. The graduate specialization is created so that it can be integrated into a one- or two-year master’s program or PhD program

Teaching Assistantships

If you want to TA one of our classes, please familiarize yourself with the class you want to TA for, then use the ASES system and insert the required information.

HXI classes are typically offered through the CSE department and you can find more information about TAing here:

Note that priority for TAing any HXI-related course is typically given to curent members of the HXI lab.