RECODE|Health: Research Center for Optimal Digital Ethics


ReCODE Health is here to support technologists, researchers, ethicists, regulators, institutions and participants involved in the digital health research process. Our value proposition is to increase awareness of ethical principles and practices from the earliest stages of technology design to the deployment of digital health research.

For Technology Creators – We offer assistance in developing Terms of Service and End User Licensing Agreements that don’t conflict with Federal Regulations for protecting research participants. Researchers can then use your measurement product in digital health research.

For Researchers
We provide protocol development consultation, education and decision-making tools.

For Participants
We offer checklists to help you make decisions about participating in digital health research.

For Institutions
We conduct risk analysis assessments with a goal of increasing awareness of the unknown unknowns that are inherent in digital health research.

For Ethicists
We work with you to apply ethical principles to digital health research.

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Funding and External Collaborations

Our ReCODE Health team is composed of faculty and students affiliated with the UC San Diego Schools of Medicine, Engineering, and Humanities and Social Sciences as well as the Institute of Practical Ethics, Research Ethics Program, Qualcomm Institute, Calit2, Center for Wireless and Population Health Systems, Design Lab, Center for Wireless Sensors, Connected and Open Research Ethics, Human Research Protection Program (HRPP), and the Center for Health Promotion and Equity.

ReCODE Health is supported by University of California San Diego, and its programs have been funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the National Institute of Drug Abuse at NIH, the National Science Foundation, and IBM Research.


Nadir Weibel
Nadir Weibel
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
Janet Johnson
Janet Johnson
Ph.D. Candidate