“I’d be watching him contour till 10 o’clock at night”: Understanding Tensions between Teaching Methods and Learning Needs in Healthcare Apprenticeship

CHI 2024

PaperToPlace - Transforming Instruction Documents into Spatialized and Context-Aware Mixed Reality Experiences

UIST 2023 Paper instructions are a mainstream medium for sharing knowledge. However, consuming such instructions and translating them into activities can be inefficient due to the lack of connectivity with the physical environment. PaperToPlace is a novel workflow comprising an authoring pipeline, which allows the authors to rapidly transform and spatialize existing paper instructions into an MR experience, and a consumption pipeline, which computationally places each instruction step at an optimal location that is easy to read and does not occlude key interaction areas. This is a collaborative project with Adobe Research.

Embodied Exploration - Facilitating Remote Accessibility Assessment for Wheelchair Users with Virtual Reality

ASSETS 2023 Assessing accessibility for wheelchair users can be challenging, due to lack of accessibility details needed for individual users. Embodied Exploration is a VR technique to deliver the experience of a physical visit while keeping the convenience of remote assessment. Embodied Exploration allows wheelchair users to explore high-fidelity digital replicas of physical environments with themselves embodied by avatars, leveraging the increasingly affordable VR headsets.

Screen or No Screen? Lessons Learnt from a Real-World Deployment Study of Using Voice Assistants With and Without Touchscreen for Older Adults


How do Older Adults Set Up Voice Assistants? Lessons Learned from a Deployment Experience for Older Adults to Set Up Standalone Voice Assistants

DIS 2023

Design and Development of a Training and Immediate Feedback Tool to Support Healthcare Apprenticeship

CHI 2023

UnMapped: Leveraging Experts’ Situated Experiences to Ease Remote Guidance in Collaborative Mixed Reality

CHI 2023

Mites - Design and Deployment of a General-Purpose Sensing Infrastructure for Buildings

IMWUT 2023

Investigating Input Modality and Task Geometry on Precision–first 3D Drawing in Virtual Reality

ISMAR 2022

VRContour - Bringing Contour Delineations of Medical Structures Into Virtual Reality

ISMAR 2022