Do You Really Need to Know Where “That” Is? Enhancing Support for Referencing in Collaborative Mixed Reality Environments

CHI 2021 This paper presents a 2x2 mixed factorial experiment that explores the effects of providing spatial information and system-generated guidance to task objects. It also investigates the effects of such guidance on the remote collaborators need for spatial information.

Facilitating Remote Design Thinking Workshops in Healthcare: the Case of Contouring in Radiation Oncology

CHI 2021 Co-location matters, especially when running collaborative design thinking workshops. What if participation cannot occur in person? How can we conduct these workshops remotely?

Understanding Barriers and Design Opportunities to Improve Healthcare and QOL for Older Adults through Voice Assistants

ASSETS 2021 In this paper we focus on the processes of care delivery and QOL enhancements for older adults as a collaborative task between patients and providers. By interviewing 16 older adults living independently or semi–independently and 5 providers, we identified 12 barriers that older adults might encounter during daily routine and while managing health

“It Feels Like I am Talking into a Void”: Understanding Interaction Gaps in Synchronous Online Classrooms

CHI 2021 This paper investigates in-class interactions in synchronous online classrooms when the choice of modality is discretionary, such that students choose when and if they turn on their cameras and microphones

Cognitive Bias in Patient-Provider Communication: Sensing and Design to Reduce Health Disparities

Cognitive bias is pervasive in healthcare. It drives differential diagnosis and timely recognition of acute onset illness, but it also contributes to healthcare inequity. Patients may not be treated equitably due to different identities (race, …

Artemis: Mixed-reality environment for immersive surgical telementoring

Assessing Clinicians' Reliance on Computational Aids for Acute Stroke Diagnosis

Developing aids to assist acute stroke diagnosis

1961. Grindr™ on Screen Activity on iPhones Correlates with HIV Risk and Substance Use in Men Who Have Sex with Men, San Diego