VOLI: Voice Assistant for Quality of Life and Healthcare Improvement in Aging Populations

A personalized and context-aware voice-based digital assistant to improve the quality of life and the healthcare of older adults.

UnBIASED: Understanding Biased patient-provider Interactions And Supporting Enhanced Discourse

A Social Signal Processing approach to address hidden healthcare bias by improving patient-doctor communication in primary care.

Personalizing Trust with Autonomous Vehicles

Calibrating trust and reliance in autonomous vehicles at the level of the individual using a custom VR driving simulator.


A Mobile System to Support Interactive Contouring and Feedback in Radiation Oncology Training

UbiStroke: Multimodal Computational Assessment of Stroke

A human-centered AI approach to identify a patient-specific multimodal signature of stroke-related deficits to assist clinical diagnosis of stroke

ChronoSense and Lab-in-a-Box

An extensible, temporally-aware, multimodal data capture software tool.


Near Real-Time Targeted Intervention in High-Risk Population for HIV Infection in San Diego County