ARTEMIS: Augmented Reality Technology-Enabled reMote Integrated Surgery

A Collaborative Mixed-Reality System for immersive Surgical Telementoring.

VOLI: Voice Assistant for Quality of Life and Healthcare Improvement in Aging Populations

A personalized and context-aware voice-based digital assistant to improve the quality of life and the healthcare of older adults.

UnBIASED: Understanding Biased patient-provider Interactions And Supporting Enhanced Discourse

A Social Signal Processing approach to address hidden healthcare bias by improving patient-doctor communication in primary care.


A Mobile System to Support Interactive Contouring and Feedback in Radiation Oncology Training

UbiStroke: Multimodal Computational Assessment of Stroke

A human-centered AI approach to identify a patient-specific multimodal signature of stroke-related deficits to assist clinical diagnosis of stroke

HoloCPR: Designing and Evaluating a Mixed Reality Interface for Time-Critical Emergencies

An MR application providing real-time instructions for resuscitation for novices through a combination of visual and spatial cues.

RECODE|Health: Research Center for Optimal Digital Ethics

We conduct, support and disseminate empirical research to inform ethical digital health research practices.

How do Older Adults Set Up Voice Assistants? Lessons Learned from a Deployment Experience for Older Adults to Set Up Standalone Voice Assistants

DIS 2023


Near Real-Time Targeted Intervention in High-Risk Population for HIV Infection in San Diego County

Toward a Unified Metadata Schema for Ecological Momentary Assessment with Voice-First Virtual Assistants

CUI 2021 We designed a novel unified metadata schema to enable Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), user experience (UX), and behavioral health researchers to rapidly prototype Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) data collection applications on different voice-first smart devices with built-in IVAs.